• Tuesday, May 27, 2014

    Paying it forward

    I was traveling last week and a wonderful thing happened. I saw a young mother on the plane, traveling alone with her 4-month old son. We got off the plane together, and her arms were overfilled. I asked what I could do to help. All she needed was someone to open her stroller and put the baby seat in it. Anyone could have done it, but I got to. I was so excited, I almost cried. Seriously.

    I asked if she needed help getting to her next gate, and she said she had a long layover and would be fine. I told her again how cute her baby was and headed on out to the terminal. I was smiling ear to ear.

    Why was I so excited to help her? I was finally getting to pay it forward.

    When Vallie was little, I flew by myself with her several times. I had long delays and cancelled flights, but every time there was some stranger to help me (usually a mom, but sometimes a dad). They helped open strollers or held something for me. One lady even carried my diaper bag through the airport and made sure I got to my plane. One offered me her seat on the plane when my ticket was for the wrong flight. People were always so good to me and I finally got to pay it forward. I was so happy.

    I was thinking about that today, and I realized that that’s why I blog. To pay it forward.

    Outside of helping me in the airport, other people (lots of them, moms) have been helping me for years. Watching my kids, giving us hand-me-downs, giving me advice. Not expecting a thing in return. Most of the time, I couldn’t give them anything, except a smile and a thank you.

    But with my blog, my hope is that I help other moms (and dads too). Give them information about something that I know, that they may not know. Help them feel better about the food they feed their families. Answer the questions they have.

    I hope my blog is also good for farmers and the food industry as a whole, but I write it for the moms.

    I will be celebrating the sixth anniversary of my induction into motherhood soon and it has been a crazy whirlwind of a time. I’ve spent hours and hours thinking and worrying about what I do for my girls and the choices I make.

    If my posts help just one other mom ease her worry, then, it’s all been worth it.

    Me and my girls on Easter Sunday.


    1. Giving back is a great reason to blog, Janeal. I loved hearing about the community of parents you feel gratitude to. Beyond how much I enjoy writing and photography, taking care of this ag industry that has given me so much is a top reason I blog.

      Emily Grace