• Monday, July 20, 2020

    Dates on Foods

    Dates on food packaging are often used by consumers to determine if food should be eaten or not. 

    Actually, there is no requirement to put sell-by or use-by dates on foods (except baby formula). Those dates are provided for convenience to allow the stores and companies to know when the food will start to lose eating quality. It helps them know when to take foods off the shelves of stores.

    These dates are NOT indicators of food safety.

    Best by/ Best if used by dates: Tell when a product will be best flavor or quality. These are not a purchase-by date.

    Sell by dates: Tell the store how long to display the food.

    Use by dates: Last date to use the food while at peak quality. These requirements are different for baby formula.

    Freeze by dates: Last date to freeze food to maintain the best quality.