• Friday, May 22, 2015

    Microblog: My American Girl Doll

    On my mother's side, I'm the oldest grandchild by several years. One year when I was in college, my grandfather was planing to give all the younger girls an American Girl Doll for Christmas. 
    At 19, I was a little old for a doll, so Papaw asked Mother what I needed instead. I was preparing to be on the meat judging team at Texas Tech, and I needed a pair of steel-toed boots to wear to packing plants for practice and competitions. That was my gift that year. 
    I still refer to them as my American Girl Doll. All the cousins got Samantha or Kirstin or Felicity. I got steel-toed boots. 
    However, almost 18 years later, I'm still wearing my American Girl Dolls. I think about my Papaw just about every time I put them on.

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