• Thursday, September 13, 2012

    Moms on the Farm Tour

    Did you know that more people feel more knowledgable about doing their taxes than they do about making healthy food decisions for their familes?

    Its true. Only 2% of our country's population work in agriculture to make the food to feed all of us. People don't understand where food comes from. This is most of the reason I started my blog, and I hope my posts have been helpful.

    Now, I am working with other women in agriculture to host an event called Moms on the Farm Tour. We are going to take a bus load of non-farm ladies to a beef farm and a dairy so they can see up close where their food comes from. Several ladies with farming backgrounds will join us to get to know our tourists and help answer any questions they may have one on one.

    Then, we are going to have cooking demos by the Arkansas Cattlewomen to learn new ways to prepare food from those type of farms.

    I'm so excited!!!

    This is the flyer for our event.
    Hopefully, this will be the first of many of these tours. We would like to eventually take ladies to poultry farms and vegetable farms and fruit orchards and vinyards. There are lots of farms producing lots of different foods practically in our backyards!

    Do you live near Northwest Arkansas? Would you like to join us?

    Our first trip will be October 8. Monday, Columbus Day. We will all travel in a bus from Paulene Whitaker Arena in Fayetteville to two farms.

    1. Triple A Dairy in Centerton. It is managed by Susan Anglin. She blogs about being a dairy mom on her blog, the Spotted Cow Review.

    2. Hedge Farms in Lincoln. It is managed by Marsha Hedge. She doesn't have a blog, but here are some pictures of her cattle.

    We have invited women from all walks of life to join us. Several of them are local food and mom bloggers. I can't wait to get to know more women in our community and to connect with some other women bloggers.

    Please join us and tell your friends!

    Check out our webpage and our facebook page.